We (Bill and Guna) are owners of Whispering Pines Alpaca Farm  (west of the Mississippi we would be called a ranch) .  Five years ago we had never heard of Alpacas, but the first time we saw Alpacas, we fell in love with them!  That has been the experience of many people who have been introduced to these unique animals and their fabulous fiber that the royalty of the Incas called "fiber of the gods". 

Interestingly, most Alpaca owners have never raised livestock prior to owning Alpacas. 
Bill had worked as a university administrator and counselor.  Guna had worked as a teacher.  We were "city folk" until we took early retirement and moved to the  beautiful hills of Brown County, Indiana.

Since our property is lined with white pines, we named our farm  Whispering Pines Alpacas. 
We currently own 17 Alpacas - most of them born here on our farm.  We sell the Alpacas, have the fiber processed into yarn, and sell products that have been made from Alpaca fiber. 

We invite you to call and schedule a visit to see our farm, our animals, and products made from Alpaca fiber .

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